The high aesthetics electronics company of Greece

WaveMotion S.A., an importer and distributor, is seated in Athens Greece, operating on a wholesale basis, in the consumer electronics, telecommunications and computer industry for over 35 years. WaveMotion S.A. is a shareholding based company, established in its current form, in 2000. The company is a member of the Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Branded Offerings of cutting edge technology combining high aesthetics and modern design.

Mission Statement

The title “WaveMotion” alludes:
Sound, Light, Colour, Picture, Power, Speed and Entertainment.
Waves are in a constant Motion. Technology rides on top of the Waves.
Sound, Imaging, Communications, Information evolve.

The Organisation

Today WaveMotion S.A. maintains a lean organizational structure with long experienced professionals, supported by outsourced functions, such as:

Logistics Services

Provided by WWW Logistics S.A, ( an efficient 3PL Company. Fully integrated systems in place between the 2 companies, allow WaveMotion to fulfill and deliver any order size, within 24 hours anywhere in Greece.

After Sale Services

After Sale Services and Support is assured by AudioAndVision S.A. ( A dedicated team of Electronics Technicians support and repair malfunctioning products.

Retail Merchandising

Merchandising, In-Store Displays and Exhibitional Displays are designed and implemented by Spicy S.A. (, a talented communications Team, which serves importnat Retailers of the Greek market.

Promo Activities

Promo Actions, and Communication plans are designed and implemented by dynamic companies, experts in thier fields.

The Clientele

WaveMotion S.A. is servicing annual supply agreements with all key Retailers and Operators of the Greek Market. International Retailers such as Media Markt, Dixons Carphone, Apple Premium Resellers as well as local players like Public SA, Plaisio S.A., are included in its clientele portfolio. Furthermore, WaveMotion has formed a dedicated Authorised Resellers Network that includes all major CE Dealers of the Greek Market. Late 2016, major Cypriot Outlets were also listed and furthermore, outlets of neighbour Balkan Countries are investigated.

The Vision

Brand Development is the core skill of WaveMotion Team. The vision of our people is to expand WaveMotion’s Brands selection, following our tagline’s principles –Technology, Aesthetics, Design- and continue this journey of Ours, introducing compellingly and establishing decisively these Brands, in the eyes of our Customers.

The Offerings

WaveMotion S.A. retains the official, exclusive, distribution for the Greek market of important Houses- in leading positions in the Global Arena.