Every product is accompanied by a “Trade Warranty” for proper operation which is offered by our Company and is covered according to the manufacturer’s specifications and at the approved “Service Centers”, covering your legal rights.

Your legal rights under the WARRANTY the provisions on the sale of consumer goods and warranties of the Civil Code (such as the right for repair or replacement – unless this is not possible or requires disproportionate costs – the right to price reduction, the right to withdraw from the contract – unless it concerns an actual material defect – due to actual defect or lack of specified property, for two (2) years from the delivery date), of Article 5 of Law 2251/1994 (such as the right of the consumer to request temporary replacement of the product, in case where the required repair time for the product under the warranty exceeds 15 working days), as well as any other legal provision on consumer protection, are not affected in any way by the trade warranty offered by our Company. The www.wavemotion.gr is fully responsible and undertakes all commitments prescribed by law and the provisions related to your rights as a consumer.

Trade Warranty

For information on the trade warranty of the product you purchased from www.wavemotion.gr please consult the packaging of the product. You can also refer to our website: Warranty Terms of WaveMotion S.A.

Damage during shipping

If the product you just received has sustained damage during shipping, this is not covered under the manufacturer’s trade warranty and you must refer to the instructions in the section  Shipping – Delivery Methods.

Shipping Cost to the Service Center

Shipping to and from the service centers is always made at your own cost and responsibility, except for the cases provided for by a special procedure from the manufacturer.

Service Centers

If a product presents a technical problem under the warranty, please refer to the following for trade warranty coverage.

For the products of JBL & of harman/kardon you must contact the authorized Service Center:

Audio & Vision, Geroulanou 29 & Lampsa, 115 24, Athens, Ambelokipi, 210 6919931

For the products of iOttie you must contact our Head Offices:

WaveMotion SA, 35 Kallisthenous Street, Athens, 118 51, 210 9244505

The Service Center will inform you of all the details concerning the product’s trade warranty as well as the procedure for product repair.

Please contact the Service Center for information concerning:

ADVICE: When you contact the Service Center please have available the product’s model number and serial number (consult the instruction manual accompanying the product) and the Proof of Purchase, as these may be required.

DOA Replacement Procedure for specific manufacturers

Aside from the legal rights specified above, for certain products, there is the possibility for product replacement due to DOA (concerns replacement of a product with technical problem during the Dead-On-Arrival delivery).

This option is provided by the manufacturer, concerns a specific period from the purchase and applies up to 11 days from the purchase date. In case where the product is covered by the DOA replacement service, and you wish to activate it, you must follow the specific replacement procedure within the period of time specified under the procedure.

Provided the product is covered for replacement and not repair, then the product must be sent to our Company (35 Kallisthenous Street, Athens, 118 51) for inspection and replacement approval and always according to the DOA policy, as described above.


To use the DOA option, you must follow the procedure exactly as described.

In any case, for DOA return cases the product must be accompanied by a copy of the “Proof of Purchase”, must be in excellent condition, accompanied by all accessories, within the prescribed DOA time limit and also accompanied by a detailed description of the problem when completing the Return Form.

In any case, our Company requires an initial diagnosis of the problem and approval for replacement by an authorized Service Center prior to starting the DOA procedure, when the latter will be accepted provided the related approval has been given first by the Service Center.

Shipping to the authorized Service Centers is made at your own cost and responsibility unless otherwise provided for by the manufacturer.

Please note that the DOA procedure may be subject to the approval by our Company even after receiving the product at our distribution center and shipping of the product to be repaired to the Service Center must be made at your own cost and responsibility.

For additional information on the product Warranties and the authorized Service Centers please contact the Customer Service Department.

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