Shipping Methods

The offers you many alternative ways to receive the products and services you are interested in.

For your better service, you can select the following shipping methods for your order.


Shipping methods and charges

The subsidizes the shipping cost of products and does not transfer to you the total shipping cost.
The shipping cost includes all applicable taxes and varies depending on the method you select according to the following:

  • For orders up to €100 (including VAT): Shipping to your premises 4 €
  • For orders above €100 (including VAT): Free of charge

Order validity

Orders are valid and available for delivery up to 15 calendar days from their submission. In case where orders cannot be filled (for example: inability to communicate, product requested is not available) and after the end of this deadline, the order is canceled.

Special cases of shipping or/and orders

In special cases of orders of large volume or/and weight, the shipping will take place at the discretion of WaveMotion SA, whereas certain deliveries are possible only in large urban areas. WaveMotion SA reserves the right to not accept specific orders and to reject specific sales, with timely notification and by refunding the entire amount paid for the canceled order.

For special product categories, such as e.g. for products that arrive after the order, or very expensive products, or outside the sphere of the regular flow of, advance payment may be required, prior to processing the order.


The processing of orders and shipping takes place daily (Monday through Friday) during regular working hours. Deliveries are not made during statutory holidays, days when our warehouse is closed due to annual inventory, as well as on weekends (unless stated otherwise).

The delivery schedule to the customer’s premises by the courier company is 9:00 – 17:00 daily (Monday through Friday) and appointments cannot be scheduled.


Orders submitted to during working days until 13:00 and provided the products are available, are delivered within 24 hours (or otherwise on the next working day) in the city of Athens. For the remaining areas of Greece, delivery varies and can reach up to 3 working days. For areas that are characterized as difficult to reach by the collaborating courier company, the delivery time may differ.


Please note that before proceeding with the completion of your order, each product will be marked according to its availability. Final confirmation of product availability is made during the processing of the order and picking of the products at the distribution center, where the order is finalized and scheduled for shipping for products whose availability is confirmed. If products are not available WaveMotion SA reserves the right to not accept the specific order and to reject the specific sale. In this case, you will receive notification and you will be refunded the total amount paid for the canceled order. Orders are processed daily, during regular working days and hours. The total delivery time depends on many factors, such as the available shipping means to the delivery location you have selected.


To avoid additional shipping costs, the order is filled when all products included in the order are available. If for any reason you wish delivery of only the available products of your order, please call 210 9244505 stating the order number or place a separate order for the products not yet available. Final confirmation of product availability is made during the processing of your order and the picking of the products.


For orders of products not immediately available, but upon order, we will contact you to inform you of the estimated delivery time of the products. This notification is usually made within the following three working days from the date of your order to your contact information that you completed with your order.


It is clarified that the products of your order are shipped and with the responsibility at the location you have stated and until they are received by you remains with WaveMotion SA. If for any reason the shipping is made with your own means or with a shipper acting on your order, then you are responsible for the shipping.

Required actions upon receipt of your order

When you receive the product, you must check the condition of the product and its packaging, to identify any problem caused during shipping. If you identify any problem in the packaging please do not accept the product, but immediately contact us. If you identify any problem after receiving the product, this must be immediately reported to the shipper. Immediately after please contact us to inform us of the statement you made to the shipper.

If you need assistance with the Shipping Methods of your order please contact our Company’s main number.

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