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At WaveMotion SA we recognize the significance of the security issue of Personal Data, as well as electronic transactions and we have taken all necessary measures, using the latest advanced methods, to guarantee maximum security. All information related to the personal data of users are treated as confidential and in adherence to the applicable legislation related to the security of personal data. The safety of the online store of the Company is achieved in the following ways:

Customer Identification

While visiting our website, you are able to become a registered member to take advantage of member benefits such as access and change of your personal data, order history, Price Alerts, and Favorites, changing the Password, registering for our newsletters etc.

Access to your personal account is made with a special password. The passwords used for user/customer identification are two: the Username and the Password, which provide secure access to your personal data. You are able to change your Password as frequently as you like. Only you have access to the above passwords and you are strictly responsible to keep them secret from third parties. In case of loss or disclosure of the password you must immediately contact the Company, otherwise, the Company is not liable for the use of the password by any unauthorized persons.

The online store of the Company shall not reveal or disclose personal data and user/customer information in any manner. Personal data are used solely for the proper processing of transactions. All information is encrypted and stored under strict security measures.

Securing the Confidential Transmission of your Personal Data

In order the secure the confidential transmission of personal data, the Company uses the encryption protocol SSL 128-bit. It also has a digital protection certificate from the group Geotrust, recognized as the leader in the security of transactions.

It has also adapted the service Piraeus Web Services to safely process the card charges in the electronic payment system of the Piraeus Bank.

3D Secure

The has adapted the 3D-Secure protocol to offer its users increased protection from unauthorized use of their card while performing their online transaction. Card holding consumers of banks supporting the 3D-Secure protocol are able to include their Visa or MasterCard cards in the programs Verified by Visa or SecureCode respectively. This means that cardholders select a security code for each of their cards that only they will know. Thus, each time a registered user performs an online transaction by using their card, they will be asked for their security code. For customers whose cards are either not supported by the Verified by Visa services and the MasterCard SecureCode services or have not included their cards in these services, payments by credit cards are performed without needing to use an additional code.


From the shopping cart to the end of the purchasing procedure on the Company’s online store, all information and personal data of users/customers are encrypted based on the encryption protocol SSL 128-bit. Encryption is essentially a way to codify the information until it reaches a certain recipient, who will be able to decode it by using an appropriate key. During the ordering process at the Company’s online store, all communication between the user’s computer and the Company’s systems is encrypted with the use of an encryption key. In other words, every time the user sends information to the system, the browser encrypts that information first by using an encryption key and then sends it to the system. The Company’s system first encrypts the information it receives using the same key (determined by the user’s connection to the service) and then processes the information. The Company’s system sends the information following the same encryption procedure.

Personal data

The personal data of users (name, e-mail address, address, telephone, mobile etc) and the transactions of users of the online store are considered confidential, as in all regular transactions with any store. The personal data of customers are used, pursuant to Law 2472/97, solely for the processing and proof of their orders, to provide personalized services and to export statistical data.

These data are not transmitted to third parties, except to businesses cooperating with WaveMotion SA, to whom personal data of customers are forwarded for the purpose of sending to them advertising material and personalized offers. In addition, these data are transmitted to businesses cooperating with WaveMotion SA, for the purpose of evaluating the quality of the services and products offered.

The customer hereby grants his/her consent for the storage and processing of personal data by WaveMotion SA, for the purpose of processing and proof of orders, providing personalized services and to export statistical data and the transmission of such personal data to businesses cooperating with WaveMotion SA,  for the purpose of sending to them advertising material and personalized offers and to evaluate the quality of the services and products offered.

The customer has the right to have access to all personal data given to us (right of access under Art. 12 of Law 2472/97) and to raise any objections for the processing of personal data (right of objection under Art. 13 of Law 2472/97). If you object to the processing of personal data please contact Mr. Nikolaos Tziralis, 35 Kallisthenous Street, Athens, 118 51 Tel: (+30) 210-9244505, e-mail:

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