Payment Methods

For your better service, has incorporated many alternative payment methods, which you can choose for the payment of your purchases, provided their selection is activated on the checkout page immediately prior to the confirmation of your order. Activating each different payment method depends on various factors such as shipping method, delivery address, the value of the order etc.


At we accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners credit cards, Visa, MasterCard debit cards and Visa, MasterCard pre-paid cards. If you choose to pay with credit card, for certain credit cards you have the ability to pay the amount in 6 interest-free installments. Please note that interest-free installments apply only to purchases from the online store.


For online purchases from you have the ability to pay for your order through bank transfer. For this option at the checkout page you must select “Order Payment through Bank Transfer” and make your deposit to one of the following bank accounts of the company:


PIRAEUS BANK: GR76 0172 0520 0050 5209 8717 011

Make your payment directly into our bank account within 3 days. Please send the copy of your transfer with your Order Number to, so as to speed up the process of identification shipping. Your order will be cancelled in case the funds have not been cleared in our account within 3 days.

Delivery for orders whose payment is made by credit card is only made to the holder of the credit card, by showing the card and your identification card. Orders paid by credit card are not delivered to third parties.

All prices include applicable taxes.
Until the full payment of the price the merchandise remains property of the company.

Payment by bank card is offered only for On-Line orders from


In accordance with Law 4446/2016 Article 69 § 2 “Tax documents of total value of five hundred (500) EUR and above, issued for the sale of goods or services to individuals, are paid in full by their recipients, buyers of the goods or services, exclusively with the use of payment methods by card or other electronic payment method, including but not limited to bank transfers, payment through payment account, use of digital wallet. Payment of these products by cash is prohibited.” Therefore orders with a value of over 500 EUR including taxes and other charges must be paid with the above payment methods.


If you are using Safari in a Windows environment and you encounter a problem using your credit card, please select Privacy > Block cookies > Never for the banking procedures required to work properly.

In any case, if you notice a delay in your payment via credit card, please ensure you have not activated in your browser the selection for blocking third-party cookies.


If you receive products, these remain the property of WaveMotion SA until the final, complete payment of the value of your order.


All orders are subject to additional credit checks by the company, which reserves the right without justification to further request:

  • either that you submit additional documents verifying your personal information,
  • either change the selected payment method to another,
  • either to fully reject and not accept your order

If you need assistance with the Payment Methods of your order please contact our Company’s main number.

WaveMotion SA will fill the orders based on product availability and until all stock is exhausted based on the General Terms of Transactions which apply to sales from its’ online store.


If you have a Gift Card, credit or coupon for, you can cash these in by following the steps below:

Add the products you wish to order to the shopping cart. In the online order form, after completing your order, complete the code number for the gift card, credit or coupon in the corresponding area and press “Confirm Number” to calculate the discount. Next, you can complete your order with the payment method of your choice.

Note that every gift card has an expiry date; can be used only once and change is not refunded from its use.

Alternatively, you can place your order by simply giving the gift card code number by phone at 210 9244505 9:00 to 18:00 Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Order anytime by fax at 211 0123494 and by e-mail at

Use of Coupon

The value of the coupon includes VAT, applies for purchases from the online store only for a specific product, until all stock is exhausted and until the expiry date written on the coupon.

Use of Gift Card

The value of the Gift Card includes VAT, applies for purchases from the online store, only for one order and until the date of its expiry.

Note that every gift card can be used by its expiry date only once, and change is not refunded from its use.

Purchases using a discount coupon

The discount coupon can be used exclusively and only for purchases of products made through the online store

It is explicitly stated that products sold at discount, as well as the amount of the discount, is subject to the sole discretion of The may change at any time, throughout the validity period of the coupon, the products offered on discount, as well as the amount of the discount for these products. Moreover, bears no liability whatsoever for changing the products offered on discount.

WaveMotion SA will fill the orders based on product availability and until all stock is exhausted based on the general terms that apply to sales from its online store.

If you need assistance in using a Coupon / Gift Card please contact our Customer Service Department.

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