The Story

Since 1961, from UK home, Kef has created remarkable – award-winning – speakers. From their ground-breaking Uni-Q technology to their bar-setting LS50 Wireless, KEF exists to fill rooms with music as it was made to be heard, to move souls with truly authentic soundscapes.


KEF’s mission is to deliver sound with as little intervention as possible: from treble to bass, and everything in between. Listeners should be able to close their eyes and immerse themselves in the sound so deeply that they are transported, in their minds, to the source. We believe that the best sound is natural sound – and that access to it is a right, not a privilege. Experience is everything, and that’s no overstatement. Combining our obsessions with acoustic authenticity and innovative engineering, we’d like to think that KEF products speak for themselves. We invite you to close your eyes and be transported. Listen and believe.

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