Cambridge Audio®

For people who listen

For 50 years Cambridge Audio have been providing products that bring the Great British Sound into your home. Cambridge Audio wants you to hear your music at it’s very best, as the artist intended it to be heard, with nothing added, nothing taken away. That’s what they’ ve always wanted because that’s what music lovers deserve. It’s why they’re constantly experimenting, solving problems and creating new kit. Cambridge Audio develops many of their own bespoke and proprietary technologies to ensure all of their products deliver the best possible audio experience for their customers.

The Soundest Moment, THE Soundest Price

However you listen, whatever your budget, Cabridge Audio will give you the best possible sound, at the fairest possible price. Cambridge Audio makes award-winning products, is the UK’s best-selling amplifer brand and offers a diverse range of audio products.

CULTURE: Music Lovers on a Mission

Everything Cambridge does is driven by the love of music. Great things happen when people who love music make audio products. Hi-Fi made by Musicians who built their music venue.

Innovations in sound

Cambridge Audio loves to solve problems instead of just picking a solution off the shelf, which means all of the company’s products are full of their own ideas. These innovations in sound set Cambridge Audio apart, and have been instrumental in creating generations of award-winning products.

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